PermaHOST is a Web Hosting and Domain Registration service developed and managed by the Permaworld Foundation. Permaworld was launched in 2001 with a goal to offer beneficial products to a worldwide customer base and split the revenues from product sales between Earth Care Organizations and Permaworld Members via a generous compensation plan. 140,000+ members have joined Permaworld and Permaworld has donated over US$130,000.00 to a variety of Environmental Organizations since 2001.

Some Letters of support from Organizations

Our Goals: Healthy People ... Healthy Planet
Our overall goals are similar to and aligned with the goals and tenets of Permaculture:

  blue_square    Caring for the Earth
  blue_squareCaring for People
  blue_squareSharing Resources (to achieve these aims)

Efficient Operations and Transparency
We ensure the efficient operation and transparency of PermaHOST day-to-day operations while providing the best support possible to help members be successful in the promotion of the PermaHOST products and services.

Our Mission Statement
To aid international Humanitarian and Environmental Organizations and provide an opportunity for people to develop financial stability through an innovative business plan that offers unique products, services, support and income.

To a Sustainable Future
We are passionate about Permaworld and what can be achieved by working together to benefit each other AND the environment. With Permaworld, anyone can play a role in helping to create a better life for someone else while, at the same time, helping to support organizations working to keep our planet healthy for generations to come.

Our mission is in our name.......
Permaworld... for a Permanent WORLD!

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